Your perfect Signet Ring

Your perfect Signet Ring

Your perfect Signet Ring

Royal Book of Crests of Great Britain and Ireland, Dominion of Canada, India and Australasia

We thought we'd give you some more in-depth insight into our work with Signet Rings, to show you the range of work we can do for you, the type of ring shapes and engraving design options you can choose from, and more.

But first off, why signet rings at all? Well, let us start at the very beginning: the notion of jewellery.

The Notion of Jewellery

Generally speaking, a jewellery piece is a piece of metal brought into a specific shape. Yes. But so are nuts and bolts. Or any other small and useful household metal item in this respect. Jewellery is not per se useful: Jewellery is decorative and jewellery is able to hold emotional value, to stand for something more than meets the eye. This is, by far, the most powerful aspect of jewellery: the emotional, the nostalgic, the personal notion jewellery is able to hold. Signet rings stand for all of this and more. They hold meaning and value. They are the ultimate personal piece of jewellery.


Crest or Monogram?

Royal Book of Crests of Great Britain and Ireland, Dominion of Canada, India and Australasia

Family Crests

Choosing to use your own coat of arms or crest for engraving is a beautiful way of continuing a family tradition and history.

We have an extensive database of crests associated with family names and are able to source your crest as a reference for your engraving. We also offer to design original crests: studio director and designer Sofus is an educated graphic designer and therefor the first address to help with original design drawings. 



Surface engraved monograms are a beautiful and decorative way of symbolising your name and initials. To create your personal monogram we are able to source existing combinations or draft your very own design from scratch.

There are a lot of different styles you can choose from, starting from very traditional, entwined letters to more contemporary drawing styles. We are happy to show you different design directions. Alternatively you can bring along or send any references you would like us to use for creating your engraving.  


Engraving Styles

There are different types of engraving styles. To read more about engravings please take a look at our Engraving Styles page.


Shapes & Materials

Classic Signet Rings with an oval top, so called Oxford Signet Rings, are the most popular ones. We have given them a bit of an update in shape and weight and called them Smith's Classic Signet Rings (below).

For something with some more personal touch and an unusual edge, we have created our Secret Signets - a signet ring with an additional, 'secret' reverse side that can be engraved as well. These are perfect as gifts as you can have your own initial engraved on the reverse side and the receiver's one on top (shown on the right).

For an alternative style you can also take a look at our Ivy Noir Signet Rings. These are cushion shaped, heavy signet rings with a unique texture that is applied individually by hand, each so becoming one of a kind (see below).



Of course, we are also happy to design a specifically shaped ring for you. Simple or ornate, materialised in a solid metal or made from a combination of two or more materials, or even with gemstones as part of the design. 

In terms of materials you can choose between silver, 9k, 14k or 18k solid yellow or rose gold. More information about the different types of metals can be found on our Metals & Gemstone Page


Get in touch

We are happy to assist with your very own bespoke signet ring. You can email us at for more information and a personal design draft. Or simply visit our collection pages below to choose your ring online:


Secret Signet Rings

Smith's Classic Signet Ring



Ivy Noir Rings

18k Ivy Noir Signet Ring

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