Top 8 Jewellery Storage Ideas

Top 8 Jewellery Storage Ideas


Jewellery storage boxes: our favourites

Whether you are super organised person who loves to make sure everything is in its rightful place, or more of a laissez-faire kinda type you might want to take a look at our selection of jewellery storage favourites to keep your jewellery sorted.

From classic marble to warm wood or architectural concrete, we have hand-picked a potpourri of storage wonders for you to browse through:


1. White Oak Jewellery Box by Menu 


German-born, Copenhagen-based designer Theresa Arns has designed this beautiful and simple jewellery box for product design brand MENU - and what can we say, we utterly fell in love when spotting this chic box for the first time!

The box, which is available in three colours, contains several partitions to store your jewellery items. This makes it easy to arrange your jewellery by type or material or whatever secret system you may find suitable ;)

The most clever part about this box is its lid, which doubles as a mirror when opened up. Smart, we say! This piece works great as a storage box when closed but also acts as a beautiful and unusual display when kept open and on view.

For: the minimalist scandi-lover

Available at f.ex. Hus & Hem


2.  Ring Cones by Fox & Lilly

What's not to love about these wonderful hand-made, black splattered ring cones by Fox & Lilly?

Perfectly sized to pop your rings on whilst sleeping, taking a bath or doing the washing up, you might want to get a whole array of these little ring friends to care after your precious pieces.

Comes in a white cotton pouch and is suited perfectly as a small gift for a jewellery lover.

For: the ring obsessed 

Available at Fox & Lilly


3. Porcelain Ring Dish


A limited edition collaboration with Linda Fahey created for Julia Kostreva shop. Dotted with a deep sea inspired cobalt colored glaze, these small porcelain jewelry dishes are made by hand in Linda’s studio on the shores south of San Francisco.

Due to the handcrafted nature of the product, each of these dishes have a unique shape and patterning- no two dishes are alike. They are the perfect size for holding delicate necklaces and rings.

Beautiful, we think!


For: the purist with a love of blue

Available at Julia Kostreva




4. Tabletop Landmarks by Klemens Schillinger

(c) L. Hilzensauer 

“Tabletop Landmarks” is a collection of cast concrete table top items, designed by Klemens Schillinger.

Each item is designed by a very simple parametric rule: Each step is an extruded offset of the footprint of the object. The basic form of the footprint and these simple parameters led to a resemblance of ancient architectural archetypes.

We have used them for the lookbook photography of our 'The Architecture of Things' collection, take a look here.

For: lovers of architecture and clean lines

Available to buy at Hem.



5. Glass Shadow Boxes

Store and display your jewellery collection in these metal-framed glass boxes.

Equipped with a linen-lined interior they not just safe-keep your jewellery but also look great on dressers and shelves. 

Available in various sizes and shapes, so perfect to combine and group a selection of your favourites for a lovely display.

For: collectors & museum lovers

Available at f.ex. Westhelm 



6. Honeycomb Jewellery Tray by hausHome

Keep your jewellery organised with this solid wood honeycomb tray. With nine geometric compartments total, this is a great way to keep your favourites together. Shown in maple and also available in walnut or white oak.

For: those who love things simple

Available at hausHome



7. Marble & Crystal Box


Known for his nature-inspired creations, New York-based designer Eduardo Garza mixed marble with crystal formations made of resin to design these sculptural jewellery boxes.

For: lovers of nature's formations

Available here.



8. Stella Jewellery Box

This storage box's linen and velvet interior will make sure your jewellery is bedded softly and safely. It's a timeless piece and will make for a long-lasting investment with a glass top to show off your pieces nicely.Last but not least a classic yet beautiful, large storage box with various compartments ready to hold your entire jewellery collection.  

For: those who take jewellery collecting seriously

Available at Pottery Barn.


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