An Afternoon with Gemologue

An Afternoon with Gemologue


With the lovely Liza and Paula

SMITH/GREY met up with the two editors of jewellery blog Gemologue some time ago to collaborate on a special shoot featuring our latest Bulls&Roses collection. Gemologue is a multicultural blog written in English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, full of stunning jewels from around the world written by Liza, Russian-born, London-based, NYC-educated Graduate Gemologist and Paula, Rio-born, London-based fashionista. 

Gemologue is one of the Top 5 jewellery blogs in the UK featuring both up-and-coming independent designers and well known jewellery brands.


Liza and Paula are full of excitement and appreciation towards the jewellery industry, only selecting the cream of the crop for their features. We are honoured and excited that they accepted our invitation to meet up for an afternoon of jewellery galore. 

For this feature, Liza and Paula wore a selection of our Bulls&Roses collection. They combined various pieces to their liking and combined it with outfits from their wardrobe. We are happy to show you the final outcome below and also have a Q&A with Liza and Paula for you to read. Hope you enjoy this feature! 


Smith/Grey: How did Gem-A-Porter come to life? 

Gem-A-Porter: The Gem-A-Porter concept was born in 2008 in NYC during Liza’s Gemology degree at the GIA. You would be surprised to know that both up-and-coming independent designers and well-known jewellery brands were afraid to show or sell their collections online. Internet was a taboo but the world has changed, the fashion industry has moved on and dragged the jewellery universe with it. Since 2012 Gemologue is proud to be a multicultural jewellery blog written in English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, full of stunning jewels from around the world. The rest is history.


Why focus on jewellery? Have you always been fascinated with this medium?

Fashion comes and goes, jewellery stays. For the Gem-A-Porter girls jewellery is the quintessential art. After visiting the infamous Harry Winston office on Fifth Avenue, listening to Laurence Graff, learn ing from antique jewellery dealers and discovering true gems by up-and-coming independent designers, Liza and Paula felt a strong need to tell jewellers' stories and share their creations. The Liza+Paula combo is a great team. Liza is into Contemporary and Art Jewellery, Paula loves Art Nouveau and Art Deco. They love hunting for jewellery on the streets and at events and to learn about different jewellery and its heritage. They do not miss a chance to visit jewellery boutiques around the world and pick their favourite pieces to publish on or style a jewellery photoshoot. To understand Gem-A-Porter love for jewellery please read "History of jewellery" on the V&A website.




How did you first hear about SMITH/GREY? 

For the first time we have heard about SMITH/GREY from their big fan Marina Guergova, founder of silk label MARINA London. We then fell in love with their collection at London Jewellery Week Press breakfast, see our blog entry here.


How did you approach the day with SMITH/GREY? 

For our SMITH/GREY&GEM-A-PORTER collaboration we carefully thought of our wardrobe and picked a monochrome look: a white men's tuxedo shirt, skinny jeans and black leather shorts. SMITH/GREY's new look book with Liza’s hands and Paula’s ears is edgy, young and reflect the Bull&Roses collection well. The concept was über cool and we enjoyed the process. 










What are your favourite pieces of the collection? 

Our absolute favourite pieces are the must have Marina's Roses Earrings, the Fighter Ring and the Dancing Bulls Necklace


What have you planned for Gem-A-Porter in the future? 

To attend London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and to see what kind of jewellery people are wearing; to pick up street trends in London, NYC, Rio and Paris; to do more styling for jewellery brands and keep discovering talented jewellery designers.

Thank you so much Liza and Paula!


All jewellery featured in the images is available via our BULLS&ROSES shop section.

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