A.E. Köchert x SMITH/GREY

A.E. Köchert x SMITH/GREY


We are very happy to announce that you can now find an exclusive 18 karat yellow gold version of our Circle Array Earrings at A. E. Köchert, a traditional Viennese jewellery boutique founded in 1814.

A.E. Köchert Store Vienna

Handmade in their first floor workshop of their beautiful Viennese boutique, A. E. Köchert's jewellery selection is beautifully arranged within its recently refurbished store, that still reflects its traditional values and aesthetic. 



A.E. Köchert's famous diamond star jewellery (Sisi Sterne) used to adorn empress Elisabeth's hair, as seen in this portrait from 1865 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

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